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Hoppis Family Acquires Stull Feeders
Hoppis Family Acquires Stull Feeders

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Owners Josh and Ashley Hoppis, purchased Stull Feeders from the company's founders, Randy and Cathy Stull. The Hoppis family plans to build on the solid foundation started by the Stull family to promote the convenience, safety, and durability of Stull Feeders to livestock producers near and far.

Experienced farmers from Boone County, Arkansas, Josh and Ashley recognized the innovation of Stull Feeders and acquired the company in 2021. Josh has raised cattle since his teens, while Ashley grew up in a farming family, so both know Stull Feeders are safer & easier than any comparable product available! The Stull Feeders used at the Hoppis farm provide peaceful, easy feeding - even for the Hoppis children who assist with the livestock chores.

The Hoppis family owns and operates cattle and poultry farms, in addition to their careers in the retail sector. 

Josh and Ashley will continue the tradition of operating Stull Feeders as a family business and look forward to meeting new and current Stull Feeders customers and dealers.

Stull Feeders and COVID-19:
In response to the COVID- 19 pandemic, Stull Feeders is committed to taking care of our customer's needs. We are open and shipping feeders as needed. We continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 and if anything changes we will continue to update our customers. Feel free to contact a Stull Feeders representative to place your order today at 1-800-369-4131. We pray you stay healthy and know that all of us at Stull Feeders pray for the return of a healthy nation. God Bless.