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Our 5,000lb Scale Kit is an excellent choice for your Cake Feeder, Grain Cart, Feed Wagon, etc.. The kit consists of 4- 2,500lb Single-Ended Shear Beam Load Cells. This means that each corner of your feeder can withstand up to 2,500lbs of bouncing as you drive through the pasture. Also, the Junction Box and an Indicator are included. Everything comes with Plug-N-Play connectors to make for a "Peaceful Easy Set Up"!


FEATURES ● This weighing kit consists of everything you need to build your own scale (except the platform)● Use your own platform of any material or size● Popularly used for tanks and hoppers to weigh liquids or grains as a stand alone platform scale● 100% overload protection on load cells

KIT INCLUDES ● 4-2,500lb NTEP load cells that are "Plug-N-Play" so NO Hard Wiring!● 1 NTEP bright LCD display with mounting stand so you can see the scale clearly when conditions are bright outside. ● 1 NEMA rated 4 port junction box with "Plug-N-Play" setup as well so NO Hard Wiring!● 4 leveling feet● 20' long stainless steel shielded cable with quick disconnect to see everything from the cab 

● This scale will not auto zero when you turn it back on after the last feeding. This way you will  see what's left in the hopper when turned back on.