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We are excited to introduce our NEW 1,100 lb Truck Mounted Auger Feeder! It has the capacity of holding 1,100 lbs of Whole Corn. It is made of 14 GA Galvanized Steel and has a 4 inch auger. It has a 1⁄2 hp high speed motor for quick and easy feeding that draws 45 amps max under load, with a 15 ft switch cord and an on-demand style switch along with a 20 ft power cable. This feeder has the Diverter over the auger cover inside, against the mouth like our small box feeders to allow feeding grain and cubes without making any changes. Also, this Diverter helps keep grain from dribbling out while chute is open. The auger cover is still adjustable as well. The stock unit is Chain Driven to make sure "No Slippage" occurs. We are also beginning to offer an actuator add-on to raise and lower the chute from the cab.The dimensions are 70" wide X 24" deep X 42" tall and weighs 350 lb. empty. A lot of you have asked us to produce a bigger feeder for truck beds and I apologize that it has taken us so long. We have learned a lot over the past couple of years and have been able to put all of those lessons into this bigger feeder. We have spent several months testing to make sure it will perform up to our standards and our final product has done just that. We are gonna offer a 1-year warranty on this feeder just like we do on our others.


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