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We are excited to introduce our NEW 650 lb Dog Box Feeder! This feeder has 2 compartments that are 21"W x21"D and sits down inside the bed of a UTV. It is designed with the idea of being able to carry your dogs with you while you are feeding. There are lots of other uses though including for storage. It is made of 16 GA Galvanized Steel and has a 4 inch Chain Driven auger. There is a rope to control the chute up and down from the cab without getting out. It has a 12 volt motor with an "on demand" style switch for easy control from your seat that works off of a Deep Cycle auxiliary battery (NOT INCLUDED) (DO NOT ATTACH TO YOUR UTV BATTERY UNTIL YOU TALK TO YOUR UTV MECHANIC. MOTOR DRAWS 30 AMPS) The auger cover inside of the feeder adjusts for different feed types. This feeder has a capacity of holding up to 650 pounds of whole corn. It is a great feeder to feed all types of livestock including bait piles for wildlife. This  unit is made to bolt to bottom of UTV bed. If mounted on load cells for a scale you must use extra metal between load cell and bottom of feeder for reinforcement. We offer a bracket for this. If mounted to 3/4" plywood, cut to measurement of UTV bed, makes for quick and easy removal.  Plywood not included. Feeder Dimensions 33D x 43W x 41T. EMPTY FEEDER WEIGHT IS 275 lbs. ****ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS HAVE A 1-YEAR WARRANTY****


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