Stull Feeders - Peaceful Easy Feedin'

Stull Feeders - Peaceful Easy Feedin'

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About Stull Feeders
About Stull Feeders

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Nearly 2,400 years ago, Plato crafted the idea that "Necessity is the mother of invention." It was out of necessity that Stull Feeders were developed. When company founder, Randy Stull, was injured in 2006 while feeding his cattle, he decided there had to be a better way. During recuperation from his injuries, he used his time to design a product that safely and efficiently fed his cattle - a way to enjoy some peaceful, easy feedin' while avoiding the stampede.

In the fall of 2007, the company began selling early versions of the Stull Feeder to friends and family. Excitement grew and Randy finalized his design. In early 2008, Stull Feeders proudly announced its new line of ATV and UTV-mounted feeders, all designed to give cattlemen - not the cattle - control over the feeding process. Stull Feeders quickly earned a reputation as the best portable livestock feeder. After many successful years in business, the Stull family decided to retire to a "peaceful, easy lifestyle."

Josh and Ashley Hoppis, recognized the innovation of Stull Feeders and acquired the company in 2021. The Hoppis family owns and operates cattle and poultry farms, in addition to their careers in the retail sector. The Stull Feeders used at the Hoppis Farm allow even their younger children to assist with caring for their cattle.

Under careful supervision, laser-crafted Stull Feeders are constructed in standard galvanized finish. Customers everywhere value the durability of quality materials used in manufacturing.

The standard Stull Feeder has a hopper with a capacity of 200 lbs. of whole corn and is gravity fed, making it a perfect method for filling any bunk feeder. Mounted on any ATV or UTV, the feeder features a retractable top which allows for easy loading (there's that easy word again!); its long handle permits the driver to easily open the feed chute door and regulate flow into the bunk while safely seated. When feeding time is over, the tapering chute folds up and closed. The 400 lb. capacity Stull Feeder works with the same concept of the 200 lb feeder but it mounts only to UTVs. Our 300 and 600 lb. capacity Auger Fed Feeders are for UTV-use only as well. We also offer a 1,100 lb. Auger Feeder for Truck Flat Beds.

Experienced cattlemen and farmers are excited by the practical design and easy-to-use Stull Feeder.

Take control of feeding time and enjoy your own peaceful, easy feedin' with an innovative Stull Feeder.