Stull Feeders - Peaceful Easy Feedin'

Stull Feeders - Peaceful Easy Feedin'

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Welcome to Stull Feeders

Innovative ATV & UTV Cattle Feeders

Stull Feeders manufactures gravity flow feed boxes for mounting on ATVs and UTVs along with an auger dispensed version for UTVs. Our innovative portable feed box provides farmers a safer, more convenient way to tackle daily livestock feeding chores.

When company founder, Randy Stull, was injured while feeding his cattle, he decided that he needed a way to stay out of the stampede and enjoy some peaceful easy feedin'. What he came up with is what we've all come to know and love as the "Stull Feeder." Dozens of different designs were developed, finally settling on the laser-crafted portable livestock feeder products we're proud to offer to our fellow cattlemen.

Today, owners Josh and Ashley Hoppis, along with their three children (son Wylie, son Jasper, and daughter Gentry), continue the tradition started by the Stull family - offering quality products to fellow farmers that make feeding livestock easier and safer. Josh has raised cattle since his teens, while Ashley grew up in a farming family, so both know Stull Feeders are safer & easier than any comparable product available! The Stull Feeders used at the Hoppis farm allow even their younger children to assist with caring for their cattle.

Stull Feeder Dealers are growing throughout the USA and even abroad! Be sure to visit our Dealers and Distributors Map which allows you to link to contact information and driving directions for each Dealer. We welcome new Dealers and Distributors! If you are interested in joining our growing network, contact us to learn how you can begin offering the BEST portable livestock feeder in the world!

We look forward to hearing your stories once you begin your "peaceful easy feedin'."

Message from Randy Stull
Randy Stull
"Just one use and you'll understand what we mean when we say 'Peaceful Easy Feedin'."
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